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We welcome new participants and offer lots of opportunities to contribute wherever you have desire and skill. Our action-oriented, consensus-driven group meets monthly and is made up of working sub-groups focused on strategy, outreach and street actions. Our nonviolent direct actions (NVDA) revolve around ad hoc teams of people (known as "affinity groups") who stick together during direct actions and develop strong, trusting relationships based on mutual support.

Getting Out of the Big Banks

There are plenty of alternatives to banking with Wells Fargo, Chase or other mega-banks. Start with your local credit union, which tends to lend locally and doesn’t invest in distant, risky mega-projects. Other banking options include the non-profit Beneficial State Bank; and Bank of the West, the California arm of the French giant BNP Paribas – one of the European banks that have vowed to quit many forms of dirty-energy lending. For more ideas, check out FossilFreeCalifornia’s  “Move Your Money” campaign, Indivisible Berkeley’s “Break Up With Your Bank” resource page, and this wonderful article outlining “50 Ways to Leave Your Mega-Bank.”